My name is Daniel Boucher, and I’m running for Ward 4 Councillor in the city of Barrie. I wanted to write this short bio to showcase my background so you can get a better picture of who I am and why I’m running. Read the “NEWS” section for commentary on counterparts and city policies.

I have worked 16 years public service as Law Enforcement, Paramedic and Canadian Armed Forces Medical Technician. I’m happily married (this summer in our own Ward 4 backyard) to an amazing woman, with 4 busier then life children ranging from 8 to 5. Two of our kids attend Emma King Public school, while the other two attend a downtown Toronto school. Like many families nowadays, we are a blended, who do our best to make it all work, keeping our kids happy, and life full of new adventures.

My Barrie life took a full circle 3 years ago, when I was lured here by my spouse, and I immediately felt at home in this city. I could not be more proud of our waterfront beach, parks and trails, and growing demographic of people who choose to call Barrie home. My past is quite exemplary of a Canadian citizen, having resided in almost every province. My family grew up under the eye of the “Red Surge” RCMP life, that moved us all over Canada. My roots are mostly entrenched in the Prairies, and New Brunswick, where I could not be more blessed with a safe, carefree and respectful community upbringing. I have spent the last 17 years of my life in Barrie, Toronto, Thunder Bay and Ottawa.

I’m not going to cite a bunch of promises, that have become synonymous with electoral discontent, but rather I will voice my desire to create a better communication platform, where you, the residents, have a more immediate impact on your representative. This city has a very lacklustre online presence, where city officials have been obsolete to their mediums. I wish you to take part in our ward, by answering the call for ideas, sharing your solutions and speaking freely with our neighbours, coming to quorum based decisions. Democracy is a tool that needs shared debate, feedback and innovative thinkers…and you are not being utilized now…at all!

I’d like to continue to be a strong voice for our neighbourhood/city, improving on our downtown core, littered with substance abuse, opioids, and vagrancy (most people canvassed have been quite clear, they wish the same). Additionally, our job growth is unacceptable (ranging from 8%-6.9% unemployment), requiring a transparent policy to attract profitable businesses to our region. Mental health has become a strong municipal topic for residents, and I have already set some roots, meeting with different counselling groups within our city. Safety will always be a paramount subject, and the reintegration of profound community based policing will lead to better communication with residents. There are numerous other topics that have been omitted for space, but in the end, the decision is yours how WE proceed. All these principles, and others, are yours to lead with my breath.

I’d like to thank those on my nightly strolls, who challenged my comments, made me think twice, and realign some of my past misconceptions about our conservation efforts, environmental impacts and outdated city provisions. I will always admit when my knowledge on any particular subject needs improvement.

I do not know everything, and I never will, but I’ll try my best to serve my city, community, ward and above all, my family to the best of my ability. Please make me your choice this upcoming October for Council in Ward 4, and be accounted for!a