My name is Daniel Boucher, and I’m running for Ward 4 Councillor in the city of Barrie. This is the last weekend, and I wanted to be as up front as possible…no hidden messages and illusions to what my intentions are.

You have a choice to go with a two decade old representative, who hasn’t consulted you once (except for election season) in his almost 20 years of representational duties. He even failed to make name recognition with homeowners, when asked at your door, on the ballot. So ask yourself how good did he do at representing your interests, utilizing your opinions and striving for your innovative ideas about the future of our city, and our ward. Additionally, you were never asked once ahead of future chamber votes, what your opinion would be, nor have any constituents been canvassed perpetually for their expertise in fields, not known readily.

The other candidate, who even fails to list an address on the candidacy page online (read into that what you want, but only two are listed within the ward), cites “personal connections”, and business “contacts” as being a reason to vote for him. On top of that, he cites advocating for provincial relief from the 400 expansion, which is irresponsible to homeowners in that region of Sunndiale, as the province owns the highway, and will undoubtedly expropriate land to fulfill its obligations to Ontario taxpayers as they commute through our city. This is reality, not fiction….and you should give second thought to potential nepotism or favouritism that may result from past business dealings within the city.

Would you rather have a representative that knocked on every door, listened patiently to your concerns, and made NO promises he couldn’t be certain to adhere to? Someone who has made NO promises (from the start), or even hinted at end results? Aren’t you tired of backroom deals at city hall, where your councillor votes in line with the Mayor, will little to NO pushback, regardless of the Ward?

If its change you want, I am the youngest by 20 years (approx) and have NO connections at city hall, NO false promises to make, NO illusions of grandeur and self-involved expectations of future representation.

I’m not going to cite a bunch of promises, that have become synonymous with electoral discontent, but rather I will voice my desire to create a better communication platform, where you, the residents, have a more immediate impact on your representative. This city has a very lacklustre online presence, where city officials have been obsolete to their mediums. I wish you to take part in our ward, by answering the call for ideas, sharing your solutions and speaking freely with our neighbours, coming to quorum based decisions. Democracy is a tool that needs shared debate, feedback and innovative thinkers…and you are not being utilized now…at all!

Do your research, make informed decisions, BE COUNTED!