Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello All.

I just wanted to say that I have been very blessed to have made new friends, supporters and neighbours over the course of this election. I have knocked on a lot of doors, most willing to share, ask questions, and speak candidly about their lack of communication from the incumbent council, not just in Ward 4. It is inevitable now, that CHANGE is coming!

From speaking with residents, I keep getting the same message, they are wanting to vote in new voices, new ideas and new representation. It will come down to two choices, and you have that opportunity to make most innovative, most relatable and most effective communicative changes possible.

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving, from my family to yours! and drive safe…

Other Ward 4 Candidates Statements

I get this question a lot while canvassing…”Who else is running?” to which my answer seems vague, non-descriptive and lacking political smear. Seeing how my opponents are handling their candidacy has taught me one thing…being an over-exagerator of past accomplishments, or lack thereof, is how they wish to come across/enhance to you, the voter. Well, seeing how much I know now from neighbours willing to spill the beans on their own friends, seeking your votes, I am willing to speak up about my position.

1- I may not have lived in this city my whole life…as the other two politicize…however I have lived all across Canada, seeing the entire country from a residents perspective, which has brought me a huge advantage to recognizing problem solving, and irrelevant municipal practices (happening currently under your incumbent).

2- I am not asking for your money. Why you ask? because you, my neighbours, shouldn’t have to fund a municipal candidate, and get ZERO tax benefit from your donation. Our city does not offer incentives to residents, which decided my will to fund my own campaign. I will treat your tax dollars the same way…cause people deserve that respect.

3- I am almost 20 years younger then both opponents…and this matters. Why? Because my innovations, social media presence, and willingness to adapt to NEW technology, and communication mediums will be the wave of the future. In 20 years of past leadership, have you been asked anything, on any medium, for opinions, choices or feedback? I will be readily available. One candidate speaks of being the ONLY Candidate to work full time, on your behalf, while the position does not reflect that requirement. I have more then enough time to handle this workload, in full, and am fully backed by my employer who SUPPORTED my willingness to enter the election, and gained permission from the PSC.

4- Much of our ward has children in school, and as much as the other two candidates ( both have grown children) wish to proclaim they will be there for your young family, I am the ONLY one who LIVES the school curriculum for “4” kids. My continued volunteer experience with the schools, and community children, makes me fully aware of issues with SCDSB, and other regulatory bodies.

5- One of the other candidates proclaims a successful entrepreneurial experience, moving into management and other positions. I am CURRENTLY an entrepreneur, running a family business with my spouse, and growing. My career has made me willing to endeavour to new heights, business development and strive for new accomplishments. My financial background is without disrepute…but ask some close questions to one candidate...you may find thats not the case for all three. Who would you rather have protect your tax dollars?

6- Its very easy to proclaim your accomplishments in office, when an ENTIRE council makes decisions, and the legwork was done by city officials. Not once was city departments credited with their diligence and work…so much for respect to your city colleagues.

Some may find this post a bit challenging in style, however, with only 3+ weeks to go, and the interest of our ward in mind, I believe this commentary is needed. Please be investigatory in your candidates, as we NEED CHANGE, and I have NOTHING to hide.


Community Engagement

Part of my commitment to the community, as I have voiced, is to become a social advocate for our community, youth and promotion of mental health initiatives. To this end, New Path @NewPathYFS (https://newpath.ca/ ) was gracious enough to meet with me to discuss funding, program delivery, local implementation and how our city could assist going forward.

CEO, Glen Newby, and his team are consummate professionals in the administration and service delivery from within our #Simcoecounty. As a Lead Agency for Moving on Mental Health (MoMH) programming, the value/resource to our children, youth, parents and LGBTQ residents/schools are undeniable.

As the stigma of mental health fades, the services rendered by New Path has seen a markedly increased referral rate ranging between 15-18%, year over year, and yet as a Transfer Payment Agency, funded entirely through your provincial tax dollars, their budget has not seen an increase in 2 decades.

Barrie, these are the type of programs we need, are statistically proven, to serve our growing population, dealing with rising stressors/issues affecting our neighbours. I will make inter-municipal, county and provincial partnerships a priority. Our city deserves more commitment to its youth, families and #mentalhealth prosperity.

#BoucherforWard4 on October 22, 2018 for Change!!


Other Links of Service Delivery:



Catholic Family Services


La Cle (Pour mes voisins Franco-Ontarien)


Door to Door Canvassing Feedback

Thank you very much to those who have kindly welcomed a few moments of your time. Whether it was to ask me a few things, welcome me to the neighbourhood (who I have been lucky enough to meet for the first time) and those who have voiced your opinion (good and bad), it has been well received.

It is not lost on me that being approached by a person seeking your approval could be viewed as  being invasive. Let me assure you, that I respect your property and privacy.

Most have said that this is the first time they have ever met a local candidate, and this is shocking to me, as our ward has had the same representative for almost two decades! Many have said they have never heard from them, spoke to, or even knew who they were...which showcases the same voters, same neighbours, supporting the same outdated platform, for far too long.

According to the Barrie Taxpayers Association, our city is heavily indebted (approx. $300 Million) and paying $12 Million annually in interest, amongst other things. Needless to say...not acceptable for your hard earned money to be so easily handed over for mismanagement/misuse.

I will keep knocking on your doors, and I will be waiting for your two cents. Change is nothing to be scared of, and new eyes, ideas and willingness to learn is what we pride ourselves as Canadians, as residents of Barrie.

See you soon.

Daniel Boucher

Community Meetings

Hello, I'm very interested in meeting any businesses/residents who wish to convey any concerns you have with the city, funding issues for programs you may deliver or vision for future growth in our region. Please get in touch, so you can be accounted for. Ask yourself this..."have I ever been approached from a potential councillor, or sitting one, about my business?"....this is your time to vent, share your complaints and have an ear that will listen. Send me a message, see contact page.