Vision for Change

First off, let me be frank, I'm a realist, and I believe in true democracy, where the constituents, voters and residents dictate the mandate, motions and growth. I have no promises to keep that will falsely imply my capability without the quorum of our council members. My vote is one of eleven total votes on council, and one of a large group of volunteer based committee members that work diligently to promote safety, pursue economic initiatives and instil social programs worthy of our great city.

I intend on being there to push for more industrial growth, small business initiatives, and favourable city licensing platforms to set up new promising ventures. I would love to see our city gain some education based finances devoted to skilled trades, youth placement programs and alleviate our horrid unemployment rate (6.9%). Nobody can say that our past administration has been placing a high value on this continuously poor statistic.

Our 400 series highway is a constant drag on our commuting residents, who sought a home outside the 416/905, seeking value for dollar, size comparative to their families growth, and smaller city communities. The province is, and should be, responsible for a large share of our overpass repair, highway expansion through the whole city, and even the exits to our shops/homes. Summer months of cottage traffic, northern cargo routes and expanding lake real estate have played havoc to keep up.

Our mental health, addiction services and homelessness is disparaging to newcomers who visit our downtown core. I would like to see those entrusted with our first response be given the tools, training and programs needed to combat the Opiod crisis, deteriorating hospital care facilities for mental health access and outreach professionals who should be pressed for their knowledge and vision.